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About KE Adventure TravelIn 1983 two University friends, Tim Greening and Glenn Rowley, decided to take their passion for travel in Asia and in particular the Karakorum mountains, and create a travel company with a difference: ‘The Karakorum Experience.’ Today KE Adventure Travel has grown to become one of the world’s leading independent specialist travel companies. In addition to our extensive range of worldwide adventures, the staff in our UK and American offices organise tailor-made private expeditions, trips for school groups and charity treks.

Whether you seek to climb amongst the world’s highest peaks, explore untamed wilderness areas, or witness first hand the wildlife or culture of far-off lands, we have the perfect adventure for you to enjoy.

In 1984, with the help of our excellent local contacts the Karakorum Experience led the first commercial trek up the Baltoro Glacier to K2 and Concordia. In subsequent years, under the expert guidance of Tim and Glenn, a range of trekking routes in Pakistan were developed, which have since become the established “classics” described in guidebooks the world over.

KE AdventureThe success of Karakorum Experience led to increasing forays into neighbouring territories. The Tien Shan mountains in North West China were first visited in 1987 and a year later, the first expedition to the trekking peaks of Nepal was made. By 1990 The Karakorum Experience’s success at attracting adventurers worldwide, was marked with the opening of an office in Colorado, USA, under the guidance of the American Directors Mark Van Alstine and Andy Crisconi.

The increasing demand for treks, climbs and mountain biking worldwide meant that although significant, Pakistan was now but a part of the KE story. In 1996 KE Adventure Travel was born, reflecting the now global range of travel experiences on offer.

Seven years on and KE has continued to grow and develop an increasing range of services. Alongside our extensive range of adventure trips, UK residents can now call upon the services of KE Travel, our own travel agency offering everything from package holidays in the sun, to city breaks, worldwide flights and services such as car hire and insurance.

There is now barely a day each year that does not see a group of KE adventurers enjoying a real adventure experience. Our trips now cover the globe, from Patagonia in southern Chile to the Tombestone Mountains in the Yukon; from ascents of Mont Blanc to on foot safaris in the Serengeti and from trekking to Everest Basecamp to biking across the Tibetan Plateau.

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